7 Virtues Reloaded

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7 Tugenden Reloaded. Zukunftsmodelle des Think Tank 30 / Deutsche Gesellschaft des Club of Rome
Katharina Diel-Gligor
Wolfgang Gründinger
Ali Aslan Gümüsay (Eds.)

If people have never had it so good, then why is society in crisis? Why must today’s political and economic progress come at the expense of tomorrow? How can citizens be motivated to participate in political discussions instead of merely consuming them? 

Think Tank 30 was formed with the mission of tackling such urgent questions with a fresh and positive outlook. It is a network of young minds looking to find solutions to some of the modern world’s problems, including poverty, social inequality, environmental issues and the economic crisis. 7 Virtues Reloaded takes a valiant step in this direction. The book is premised on the idea that the world is in flux. In the hectic global environment of ever-faster change, people are continually asked to rise to new challenges while also seeking a conventional sense of belonging. But what can we turn to when the only thing that is certain is that nothing is going to stay as it is? How is it still possible to live virtuously? Think Tank 30 seeks to develop forward-looking models which will help to ensure that the classic virtues which shaped our civilisation have a place in its future. 

The book does a fantastic job of putting forward serious issues in an approachable way, through case studies telling the stories of fictional protagonists who encounter a problem and then hit upon a virtue that is instrumental in developing a solution. Its innovative approach sets this title apart from other books with similar aims while the human stories add to the book’s charm and make it an all the more engaging read. The debates that follow each story examine the four platonic virtues of wisdom, moderation, fairness and courage, as well as the three virtues extolled in the Christian gospel of faith, hope and love. They then seek to apply these virtues to counteract cultural, environmental and social crises. Thoughtful, well-researched and constructive solutions are put forward, drawn from the group’s collective wealth of knowledge. 

7 Virtues Reloaded grapples with current sociopolitical problems with international dimensions such as the plight of education, intergenerational strife, social unrest and the misuse of data. In their consideration of seven historically prized virtues as a means of practical moral orientation in the modern world the book’s authors produce new insights about how to live responsibly within the hyper-capitalist global village we call home.

Katharina Diel-Gligor is a doctoral student at the University of Heidelberg and is researching international economic law. She completed her law studies in Mainz and Paris and subsequently earned a Master of Laws (LL.M.) from Columbia University. 

Wolfgang Gründinger is the author of Meine kleine Volkspartei (2013), Wir Zukunftssucher (2012) and Aufstand der Jungen (2009). He has won numerous awards, such as the Intergenerational Justice Prize, the German Study Prize and the Study Prize of the German Home Office. He lives in Berlin and on the Internet. 

Ali Aslan Gümüsay is a doctoral student at the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. He teaches and conducts research on knowledge management, innovation, entrepreneurship, strategy, organisation theory and religion.

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