The Appraising Glance

gabrielle alioth
Der prüfende Blick
Gabrielle Alioth
Nagel & Kimche

Angelica Kauffmann (1741-1807) was not only a painter but also a singer (though her artist father discouraged this) and, above all, a vulnerable, warm and affectionate human being. She fell in love with Goethe, and was heartbroken when he left for Weimar, knew Fuseli, the gossipy artist and writer, who has left much tittle-tattle about her, during her sojourns in London and Rome, and had a bigamous marriage, later annulled, with an unhappily encountered Swedish charlatan. All this and much else is recorded with verve and skill in this meticulously researched biographical novel, which pays Angelica an overdue tribute and brings her vividly to life. 

Gabrielle Alioth, born in Basel in 1955, began by studying economics and the history of art. Since 1984 she has been living and writing in Ireland.

Previous works include:
Die stumme Reiterin (1998 – reviewed in nbg in Autumn 1998); Die Erfindung von Liebe und Tod (2003) – both Nagel & Kimche

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