The Day Granny Broke the Internet

Children’s & Young Adults’
Kling cover
Der Tag, an dem die Oma das Internet kaputt gemacht hat
Marc-Uwe Kling
Carlsen Verlag

Tiffany, Max and Luisa are enjoying their holidays at home when Granny breaks the Internet – only by accident, she emphasises. Suddenly, everything changes: no more music for Luisa, no more messaging for Max, no more animal documentaries for Grandpa and no more work for Mum and Dad. This book is a hilarious reflection on family life and our dependence on the Internet.

The Day Granny Broke the Internet casts a glance at modern life from the perspectives of different generations. Little Tiffany, for example, does not know what the Internet is, so her Granny compares it to Teletext; Max thinks that Granny doesn’t have a clue and likens it to a pinboard where you can post messages, photos and stories. At the end of the day, however, an IT specialist comes to fix the family’s connection, and everything goes back to normal – only Tiffany is a bit sad and tries to convince Granny to do it again...

  • ‘Great fun for children aged eight and above – and grown-ups… light-footed and funny…a perfect book – not just for when the internet is down!’

    – Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Marc-Uwe Kling is a singer and storyteller. His business concept is to write books criticising capitalism that sell very well. He won the German Radio Award in 2010 and the German Audio Book Award in 2013.

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