Dragon Awakening

Children’s & Young Adults’
Zinck Cover
Valija Zinck
Fischer KJB

When Ms Tassilo takes the wrong suitcase home from her holiday, she gets more than she bargained for: a mysterious casket containing a dragon egg. It turns out that keeping a dragon in a high-rise flat in Berlin isn’t easy, and she and the children from the flat downstairs are soon drawn into an adventure that turns risky when a big multinational company wants its dragon back. Representatives from the company kidnap Ms Tassilo, knowing the dragon will follow her to their Bond-villain-style lair. Here it emerges that they plan to use the dragon as a power source to give them a global monopoly on electricity once fossil fuels run out. Using their combined skills and ingenuity, Ms Tassilo, the kids and their dragon are able to escape, yet the dragon has been tagged with a permanent tracking powder, and now nowhere is safe…

Valija Zinck is a talented storyteller, with her first book out in English this autumn. With its skilful blend of modernity and creativity, humour and superb characterisation, Dragon Awakening is a ready-made hit for fans of Cornelia Funke and Cressida Cowell.

  • Valija Zinck is an exciting new voice among the storytellers of this world. Had her books whispered to me among the bookshelves of my childhood library, I would have carried them home straight away like a fortunate treasure hunter.’

    – Cornelia Funke

Valija Zinck was born in 1976 in Ingolstadt and has been working as a dance pedagogue and freelance choreographer for more than fifteen years. Drachenerwachen is her third children’s book after Jakob und die Hempels unterm Sofa and the award-winning Penelope und der funkenrote Zauber (A Tangle of Magic, out this year from Chicken House Books). She lives in Berlin with her family.

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