Editorial - Autumn 2017

Welcome to our autumn issue, celebrating cooperation and collaboration.

For a project whose prime aim is cultural exchange, the increasing insularity of the past months has been challenging. NBG has always been a wonderfully collaborative endeavour, and the literary translation that we promote has  cooperation at its heart, so dedicating a whole issue to this topic has never seemed necessary. But the times demand it, and it has proved a delight to explore ways in which that collaborative spirit peaks and thrives – in co-translations, in the relationship between translator and editor, in publisher and translator collectives, in translation masterclasses and ‘triangular talks’.

Focusing on these activities is grist to our mill. We will continue to build bridges, challenge cultural stereotypes and enable exchange: a task made easier by the great publishers we work with and the inspiring array of literary offerings out this season. From Ingo Schulze’s picaresque masterpiece to Jochen Missfeldt’s joyous epic, the reviews in this issue reflect the high quality and broad variety in German-language publishing today, while the centre-spread selection of new books in English translation shows how swiftly many of these titles are reaching English-language readers.

With thanks to our partners and editorial team, where cooperation reigns supreme, I invite you to read on, seek out the books that pique your interest, and launch yourselves into the great collaboration of international literature.

Charlotte Ryland