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We preview two outstanding novels published this autumn and already on their way into English translation.

Salzmann coverSasha Marianna Salzmann

Ausser sich

Suhrkamp Verlag, September 2017












Sasha Marianna Salzmann has already made a name for herself in Germany’s theatre world, but is now making waves  in literary fiction. The English-language rights to the debut novel by this acclaimed playwright were sold before publication, and the novel is longlisted for this year’s German Book Prize.

Salzmann’s wide-ranging family saga moves from the Odessa of a century ago to contemporary Istanbul, taking in Berlin along the way. Ausser sich is a tale of unquenchable yearning for life in all its challenging immensity. As Alissa searches in vain for her twin brother Anton, she must face up to a litany of challenges, including the greatest challenge of all – discovering her own sexual identity. Intense, uncompromising, and political, this is a darkly humorous novel with a distinctly Russian flavour in the vein of Olga Grjasnowa or Nino Haratischwili.

The excitement about this extraordinary novel is reflected in the international interest. Ausser sich is set to be translated into numerous languages, including English (Text Publishing), Spanish (Seix Barral), Catalan (Més Llibres), Portuguese (Dom Quixote), French (Grasset), Italian (Marsilio Editore), Dutch (Atlas/Contact), Danish (People’s Press), Polish (Prószyński), Hungarian (Fekete Sas), Greek (Patakis), and Hebrew (Matar).

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Kruegel cover  Mareike Krügel
 Sieh mich an
 Piper Verlag, August 2017












How do you react when you find a lump in your breast? Well, you can’t just die before you’ve got your life in order. Katharina plans a final weekend of normality before telling her family and friends about the ticking time-bomb in her breast. But somehow nothing is normal any more, and she starts to question all aspects of her life.

Katharina has a lot on her plate with two children, one of whom has ADHD, a husband who works away during the week and her work as a music teacher. With never-ending to-do lists and a chaotic household to juggle, her health has always taken second place. Eventually she decides to confide in someone she loves. Mareike Krügel’s heroine charms readers with her moving storytelling, emotional intelligence and down-to-earth humour.

Mareike Krügel is a fantastic writer. Her novel is great art: clever, disturbing, gripping and humorous, sometimes all of
these at once.

- Kristof Magnusson

The English-language rights to Sieh mich an (‘Look at Me’) have been bought by Text Publishing, and rights have also sold to France (Editions Robert Laffont), Holland (Ambo/Anthos Uitgevers B.V.), Italy (Mondadori Libri), Korea (Sam & Parkers Co. Ltd), Norway (Gyldendal Norsk Forlak) and Sweden (Albert Bonniers Förlag).

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Since the English-language rights have already been sold to these titles, they are not subject to the usual NBG funding guarantee. Click here for more information about our guarantee.