Emerging Translators Programme

Information for Translators

The NBG Emerging Translators Programme runs every year from January to April. The competition for entry is announced in December, and the deadline for applications is early January.

Information for Publishers

The NBG Emerging Translators Programme, launched in spring 2011, commissions new translators to produce English versions of the best new books from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

NBG commissions a group of emerging translators to translate extracts from the best new books in German. The programme aims to promote the careers of emerging translators, providing experience, advice and contacts, as well as to produce top-class sample translations that will increase the chances of international rights sales.

The focus is on interaction and exchange: a translation competition is held to select the six participants, and the successful candidates attend a translation workshop with leading translator Shaun Whiteside. A dedicated web forum allows the participants to share their queries and draft translations with each other before and after the workshop, pooling useful resources for translation and offering advice and tips on their draft translations. Each translator works particularly closely with one other participant, who advises on the final translation, which is also edited by NBG editor Charlotte Ryland and editorial consultant Sheridan Marshall.

The complete samples are available to download on our reviews pages.

NBG Emerging Translators, 2011-18


Fiona Graham

Connie Hill-Turner

Johanna McCalmont

Alan Robinson

Charlotte Smith

Caitlin Stephens


Amy Bojang

Connie Cramp

Astrid Freuler

Anette Pollner

Tanjil Rashid

Stuart Vizard


Robert A. Cantrick

Sinéad Crowe

Graham Hogg

Philip Minns

Rachel Stanyon

David Tushingham


Ruth Brown

Alyson Coombes

Seiriol Dafydd

Beth Eggleston

Melanie Florence

Jackie Smith


Isabel Adey

Rosemary Baker

Alexandra Georgescu

Sharon Howe

John Robertson


Marion Dalvai

Romy Fursland

Rebecca Heier

Sarah Pybus

Bryn Roberts

Jozef van der Voort


Ruth Ahmedzai

Alison Chandler

Tony Crawford

Charlotte Collins

Maisie Fitzpatrick

Emma Grylls

Silke Lührmann

Alexandra Roesch

Niall Sellar

Arabella Spencer

Sarah Timlin

Ruth Urbom


Kathryn Batchelor

Lara Elder

Deborah Langton

Sheridan Marshall

Ruth Martin

Sorcha McDonagh

Rachel McNicholl