Emerging Translators Programme

An update on the Emerging Translators Programme with New Books in German

As you may have seen, here at New Books in German we had a consultation and strategic review over the summer of 2019. You can read more about the conclusions of that work here: http://www.new-books-in-german.com/new-chapter-new-books-german

The New Books in German Steering Committee has decided not to continue with the Emerging Translators Programme.  We will be focusing our time, efforts and resources on the selection and promotion of books. That said, we will continue to spread the word about opportunities offered by others for translators at all stages of their career. We have always valued the close working relationship we have with our translator friends and colleagues and will continue to build on those relationships wherever we can.

The Emerging Translators Programme was set up by former Editor Charlotte Ryland in 2011. Since then some 54 literary translators have gone through the programme. Competition for places was stiff! The translators on this highly practical programme worked under the guidance of Alyson Coombes, Charlotte Ryland and Shaun Whiteside on a sample translation each which was then used by publishers at the London Book Fair, as well as in our magazine and website. The Programme also gave participants a chance to work collaboratively with others as well as to build and develop a network of colleagues and friends. Click here to read some of the graduates of the Programme discuss their experiences: http://www.new-books-in-german.com/intern-etp-impressions

If you have further questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Harrington Hemens, the Project Director of New Books in German via nbg-london@goethe.de

You may also be interested to read NBG’s Alyson Coombes FAQ on starting out as a literary translator at: http://www.new-books-in-german.com/so-you-want-be-literary-translator

We will also be keeping our database of programmes, prizes, scholarships and residencies for translators of German up to date.