Genre-Bending Millennials

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Two new books out this season defy categorisation – each a heady mix of narrative, essay, travelogue and manifesto, written by millennial authors pushing the boundaries of conventional genre patterns. The shape of things to come in our literary landscape?

Strauss coverSimon Strauss
Sieben Nächte
Blumenbar, July 2017












Simon Strauss’s debut is taking the German literary world by storm. A manifesto for the millennial generation, Sieben Nächte asks big questions about life and its limits. As the narrator approaches thirty he takes stock of what he has achieved so far and considers his hopes and fears for the future. His project to commit each of the cardinal sins on seven consecutive nights forms the clever conceit at the heart of the novel. This slim volume offers an energetic and  refreshing take on how to live differently – and better.

What a passionate, fearless battle-cry, drunk with tradition and greedy for the future. – Volker Weidermann

Full of energy, where the stored-up oompf of a debut novel meets the narrator’s passionate romanticism, a romanticism that feels both old-fashioned and like the logical counter-reaction to our hyper-efficient age. – Eva Bacon, NBG reviewer

Simon Strauss was born in 1988 in Berlin. He recently completed a doctorate and works as an editor for the arts section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Sieben Nächte is his first book.

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Richmann coverPascal Richmann
Über Deutschland, über alles
Carl Hanser Verlag, July 2017












Pascal Richmann’s debut charts German contemporary life and history in a way that is deeply bound up with that of America. Richmann’s interest in Heine takes him to the Bronx and his excursion to Kallstadt leads to a history of the Trump family in Germany and New York. This is a highly engrossing combination of personal reflections with political and literary history, both timeless and – particularly in its focus on far-right movements and ideologies – ominously timely. Lucid and illuminating, Über Deutschland, über alles ranges widely and deeply, its graceful prose engaging with the living legacy of the past in the present.

Pascal Richmann: liar, crank, sceptic – an ideal narrator. – Alexander Kluge

I’ve never read a contemporary novel which was also so informative. Richmann’s political orientation and strong grasp of history really make the book what it is – it feels extremely, uniquely important within contemporary literature. – Theresa Paquette, NBG reviewer

Pascal Richmann was born in 1987 in Dortmund. He writes for the theatre, and Über Deutschland, über alles is his first book.

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