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Katharina Hacker

Die Habenichtse (The Have-Nots)

Suhrkamp Verlag March 2006, 320 pp.
ISBN 3-518-41739-8

Following her novel Eine Art Liebe (reviewed in nbg, Autumn 2003), the latest offering from this most discerning and elegant of stylists has a darker note to it, something of the atmosphere of autumn when the nights start drawing in. There’s nothing particularly cosy about the home life on view here, though – Jakob and Isabelle’s love story, rather than being refuelled by their move to London, is petering out, and there’s a nagging uncertainty, a hollowness to the happiness, of most of their thirtysomething friends. A tale to make one shiver, but a rewarding one. Well worth a look.

Katharina Hacker

was born in 1967 in Frankfurt am Main and lives in Berlin.

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