Guidelines for German-language Publishers

Submission Guidelines for Publishers

Austrian, German and Swiss publishers are warmly invited to submit up to three titles for consideration per issue. These titles should be as ‘new’ as possible, preferably from the forthcoming list, and may be submitted to us in as early a form as you are comfortable with: manuscripts, uncorrected proofs, bound proofs, review copies, or, in some cases, finished books are all highly acceptable. We require two hard copies of each title, an electronic copy, and a single sheet of information about the author and the book (in English or German).

We are looking for a selection of titles that shows the breadth and quality of works of fiction, non-fiction and children’s books coming out of the German-language market at the moment. The British market can be a hard one to crack, particularly for literature in translation, but working together, we are sure we can help bring your books to the attention of those in a position to make a difference.

There is of course no magic recipe for what may sell, and although certain books, genres and subjects would at first glance appear to be more likely candidates than others, part of the charm of publishing is its subjective nature, the unexpected niches and the daringness of individuals to try something different. Patience and persistence seem essential in the process of placing books here and elsewhere, thus instant reactions are not necessarily in the nature of seeing a book make the transfer from one country to another.

However, a book in our pages is a seed sown, a seed that will have the chance of entering the consciousness of all our readers, both in the pages of our print edition (4,000 copies going worldwide) and in our online version. Using NBG in a targeted fashion, working together, pooling our information and keeping the dialogue about German-language literature open and ongoing, we are sure you will find the modest fee we charge you, the publisher, for a book that makes the final selection (no fee of course for the initial work we put it, including the report we commission) is money well spent. We’ll work hard with you to ensure that it is.

The deadline for submissions for the Autumn 2019 issue will be in May 2019.

Please send copies of the titles you would like us to consider to:

Charlotte Ryland


New Books in German

c/o Goethe-Institut

50 Princes Gate

London SW7 2PH

and the electronic copy to

If you have any questions, or require further information on any aspect of the journal, please contact Charlotte by email at the above address.

We look forward to working with you.