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Klett-Cotta is one of Germany’s oldest publishing houses. Founded in 1659, Cotta is the essential publisher of German classical literature,  and still stands for major literature and philosophy in the tradition of Johann Friedrich von Cotta, publisher of Goethe, Schiller, and others. The other half of Klett-Cotta’s tradition traces back to the publishing house that was developed by Ernst Klett between 1936 and 1976.

The New Sexual Revolution

Melzer Cover
Klett-Cotta / Tropen
July 2018 / 236pp

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In this intriguing book, sex and relationship therapist Dr Heike Melzer investigates the impact of global digitalisation on the sex industry and sexual behaviour in general.

Melzer considers the fundamental changes in attitudes towards sex caused by the Internet and the prevalence of smartphones. The book charts the omnipresence of sex in contemporary Western society, across fashion, advertising and the music industry, where the female body is still the main focus of objectification and alteration to fulfil male fantasies.

Melzer examines the prevalence of sex tourism in Germany since the EU’s eastern expansion in 2004 and 2007, alongside a range of issues that have arisen in tandem with the digitalisation of our sex lives. These include the dislocation between on-screen and real-life sex; the tendency to focus on the individual’s sexual satisfaction and gratification at the expense of a close relationship or even a partner; and the exposure of children and teenagers to pornography and its negative consequences.

The New Sexual Revolution is a timely examination of the significant and continually evolving changes in this most fundamental aspect of human lives.

press quotes

‘To-the-point, humorous and as exciting as any crime novel… a razor-sharp analysis.’

– Professor Dirk Revenstorf

about the author

Heike Melzer is a neurologist, psychotherapist and business coach with a private practice for couples and sex therapy in Munich. She teaches at the Milton H. Erickson Foundation for Clinical Hypnosis and has been helping clients deal with life’s vicissitudes for more than 25 years. She is fearless in tackling taboo topics in the public discourse surrounding love and sexuality, and is often asked to do interviews in the media.

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