Brother Kemal
Bruder Kemal

jakob arjouni bruder kemal
Diogenes Verlag
August 2012 / 240pp

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Jakob Arjouni writes top-class crime fiction that has already found an international audience, so the return of his cynical Frankfurt private investigator is a cause for celebration. This is a confident detective story with sharp and enjoyable dialogue, a well-constructed plot and entertaining characters. Arjouni’s refreshingly concise and efficient prose is a pleasure to read.

Kemal Kayankaya is the prototypical anti-hero who instinctively sticks up for the underdog. Irreverent and hard-headed, he has his own personal sense of honour which drives him to uncover the truth. He is more at home in the seedy milieu of the Frankfurt station district than in the affluent, leafy suburbs where this case begins. But when the seemingly straightforward case of a missing teenage girl rapidly escalates into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, Kayankaya is left fighting for his life. Arjouni paints a highly realistic warts-and-all picture of the less salubrious side of big-city life.

Brother Kemal is a gripping crime novel made to be consumed in a single sitting.

press quotes

‘Perhaps one of the only German novelists who has the Anglo-Saxon gift of elegantly combining light-heartedness, wit and a keen eye for depicting society.’
– Die Zeit

‘If you like your investigators tough and sassy, Kayankaya is your guide.’– Sunday Times

about the author

Jakob Arjouni was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1964. He has published novels, short stories, theatre and radio plays. His first Kayankaya novel Happy Birthday, Turk! was made into a film in 1991, directed by Doris Dörrie. Jakob Arjouni received the German Crime Fiction Prize in 1992 for One Man, One Murder. His publication Idiots: Five Fairytales was on the bestseller list for months. Jakob Arjouni lives with his wife and children in Berlin and the South of France.

Previous works include:
Previous ‘Kayankaya’ novels: Kismet (2001); Ein Mann, Ein Mord (1991); Mehr Bier (1987); Happy birthday, Türke! (1987) Latest Works: Cherryman jagt Mr. White (2011); Der heilige Eddy (2009)

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The Goethe-Institut supported the English translation of this book.

Get information on the English version here (UK).

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