In Times of Fading Light
In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts

eugen ruge in zeiten des abnehmenden lichts
August 2011 / 432pp

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Ruge’s assured debut novel covers four generations of an East German family and centres around the ninetieth birthday party of a life-long Party hardliner and functionary – on 1 October 1989. Everyone knows what is going on, but no one is allowed to mention ‘certain events’.

The twists and turns of the plot are skilfully interwoven, the dialogue crisp, and the constant switching between generations and characters is handled with a sure touch. The Fading Light is a moving family saga with deft touches of humour, of special interest for its panorama of East German life and ideas through the late twentieth century.

about the author

Eugen Ruge was born in the Urals and studied mathematics in Berlin. Before leaving the GDR for the West in 1988 he was a writer, contributing to documentaries made at the state-owned DEFA Studios. Since 1989 he has been writing and translating for theatres and broadcasters, and periodically teaches at the Berlin University of the Arts.

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World English (Graywolf Press), Spain (Anagrama), Italy (Mondadori), France (Éditions), First (F), The Netherlands (De Geus), Greece (FI)

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Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

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Get information on the English version here (US).

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