Welcome to our new website!

Be in the know: website www.new-books-in-german.com gives independent recommendations of latest German language literature that’s ripe for international audiences

‘Contemporary German literature reflects all the dynamism, diversity and turbulence of our modern condition.’

Ian McEwan


A website gathering together the very best writing coming out of German-speaking countries is relaunched at www.new-books-in-german.com

Providing trusted, expert and independent recommendations of German-language books from a range of genres, busy editors can quickly home in on timely books featuring fresh voices that will appeal to their readers.

Good stories travel and translate well. As long-time champion of German literature Ian McEwan points out, there is a dynamism and diversity that this website now makes more easily available.

The fiction and non-fiction books on the site have been selected by UK and US juries as examples of brilliant, original writing deemed to have a high chance of success with an anglophone readership.

Guaranteed financial support for English translation

Books that are selected by the New Books in German juries are guaranteed financial support for the English translation if bought by an English-language publisher.

New Books in German is a collaborative project between Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The project is a way to break down some of the barriers that can be created by language and nationality, as well as to uncover great reads. 

Sarah Hemens, Project Director of New Books in German said ‘Books from other countries can give us valuable glimpses into different ways of thinking and being, but can also remind us of the universality of some experiences and emotions.’