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New Books in German promotes German-language literature for translation into English in the UK, USA, and beyond. We feature recommendations of the best new fiction and non-fiction titles from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. We publish articles and information on books, authors, and those who translate or work with them.

Our website enables you to explore exciting and accomplished contemporary German-language literature and non-fiction. Busy editors can find and share information on the latest German-language books deemed suitable for an international audience. German-language publishers have the opportunity to bring their books to a wider audience, with the endorsement that being selected by New Books in German brings.

Twice a year we convene expert juries in the UK and US to discuss and select books submitted to us by German-language publishers. Those that we go on to recommend here on the site have been judged to have a high chance of success in an English-speaking market.

The idea for New Books in German took shape at a seminar held in London in 1996. Members of the book trade met to discuss why relatively few books were being translated from German into English, and what might be done about this. It was clear that readers of English were being denied access to some of the best books in a variety of fields. You can read an interview with Tanja Howarth, one of the founders of NBG here.

Who we are

Sarah Hemens

Sarah Hemens

Sarah is the Project Director of New Books in German.

She previously worked in grant writing and communications in human rights, working with donors in Europe, the US and Africa and managing a publications programme. Sarah is also currently Vice-Chair of Anti-Slavery International.

The last translations I read: All Russians Love Birch Trees, Olga Grjasnowa (tr. Eva Bacon). I have just bought Uwe Timm’s The Train Mouse (tr. Rachel Ward) to read with my children.

Looking forward to reading: Love in Five Acts by Daniela Krien (tr. Jamie Bulloch)

Sheridan Marshall

Sheridan Marshall

Sheridan is our Editorial Consultant.

She has worked on our editorial team for ten years, and also does freelance editorial and translation work.

The last translations I read: I was very pleased to spot Katharina Hagena’s, The Taste of Apple Seeds (tr.Jamie Bulloch), on the display table in my local library when I was there in mid-March 2020, panic-borrowing as many books as possible before lockdown started. We featured this book during my early involvement with NBG and I had never got round to reading it, but it proved to be a jewel in my lockdown reading. I recommended Robert Menasse’s The Capital, (tr. Jamie Bulloch) to my book club recently and we enjoyed discussing its satirical take on the EU as the Brexit saga rumbles on.

Translations I am looking forward to reading: Elizabeth Lauffer’s translation of Annette Hess’s The German House & Katy Derbyshire’s translation of Sandra Hoffman’s Paula.

Riky Stock

Riky Stock

Riky is the US Associate of New Books in German. Riky convenes the New York jury. You can read more about Riky’s work in an interview with us here.

Riky has been in charge of cultural projects at the New York office of the Frankfurt Book Fair New York since 2002. Before that, she worked for a literary scout and the foreign rights department at HarperCollins Publishers.

The last translations I read: Seven Nights by Simon Strauss (tr. Eva Bacon and Lee Bacon).

Translations I am looking forward to reading: Stella by Takis Würger (tr. Liesl Schillinger) and Ida and the World Beyond Mount Kaiserzipf by Linda Schwalbe (tr. David Henry Wilson).

Dina Khadum

Dina is our current intern.

Having just graduated from Oxford with a BA in German and Arabic, Dina’s passion for German-language literature has been well-tended to over the past few years. Now living in Berlin, she aims to sweep clean the shelves of every second-hand bookshop she encounters. She was keen to get involved with NBG to get an insight into publishing, translation, and the general literary world. 

The last translations I read: The Artificial Silk Girl by Irmgard Keun (tr. Kathie von Ankum).

Translations I am looking forward to reading: Die Sommer by Ronya Othmann

New Books in German juries

Our juries meet twice a year to consider each book submitted by German-language publishers. We are supported in this work by research done by a small team of book assessors.

UK jury

Core members of the UK jury are:

  • David Kilian Beck, Head of Culture, Embassy of Switzerland
  • Jamie Bulloch, Translator
  • Sarah Harrington Hemens, Director, New Books in German
  • Tanja Howarth, Tanja Howarth Literary Agency
  • Annemarie Goodridge, Information Officer, Goethe Institut London
  • Sheridan Marshall, Editorial Consultant, New Books in German
  • Alexandra Wachek, Music, Theatre & Literature Project Manager, Austrian Cultural Forum London

At each meeting, we invite additional jury members drawn from UK editors, literary scouts, booksellers, and translators.

US jury

  • Cecile Barendsma, CB Literary Agency
  • Peter Blackstock, Grove Atlantic
  • Shelley Frisch,Translator
  • Markus Hoffmann, Regal Hoffmann & Associations
  • Tess Lewis, Translator
  • Barbara Perlmutter, consultant, formerly S. Fischer Verlag
  • Bettina Schrewe, US Scout
  • Karin Schulze, Abrams
  • Riky Stock, Frankfurt Book Fair New York
  • Christine Swedowsky, World Editions
  • Dean Whiteside, Goethe-Institut New York
  • Michael Z. Wise, New Vessel Press

Steering Committee & Funding

The Steering Committee helps to guide the direction of the project, as well as to provide oversight of management and finances.

  • David Kilian Beck, Head of Culture, Embassy of Switzerland
  • Waltraud Dennhardt-Herzog, Director, Austrian Cultural Forum
  • Susanne Frane, Deputy Head of the Culture Section, German Embassy London
  • Sarah Harrington Hemens, NBG Project Director
  • Tanja Howarth, Tanja Howarth Literary Agency
  • Sheridan Marshall, NBG Editorial Consultant
  • Katharina von Ruckteschell-Katte, Director, Head of the London Office and the Northwestern Europe Region, Goethe-Institut
  • Eva Stensrud, Pro Helvetia
  • Riky Stock, Vice President, Frankfurt Book Fair New York
  • Robert Stocker, Head of literature and publishing, libraries, Federal Ministry for Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport, The Austrian Federal Government 


New Books in German receives financial and/or in-kind support from

  • the Austrian Cultural Forum London
  • the Austrian Federal Ministry for Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport
  • the Frankfurt Book Fair
  • the Frankfurt Book Fair New York
  • the German Embassy in the UK
  • the Goethe-Institut London
  • the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia
  • the Embassy of Switzerland in the UK

Once a book has been chosen for recommendation by New Books in German, the German publisher of the book makes a fixed contribution to our running costs. This income accounts for around a fifth of our overall budget.


We are currently recruiting for an intern who will work with us as we prepare for our Spring 2021 book selection. You can read more about the role and how to apply here. The deadline for applications is 9am on Monday 9th November.

Equality, diversity and inclusion: statement of intent

New Books in German is committed to encouraging equality, diversity, and inclusion in our work, and to eliminating unlawful discrimination.

We aim to promote a culture that recognises that people from different backgrounds and experiences can bring valuable insights to the project and enhance the way we work.

During 2021 we will be thinking more about what this means across all areas of our work. We will publish any further information here.

Disclaimer & privacy policy

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