Eurotrash / Eurotrash

Christian Kracht

Verlag Kiepenheuer & Witsch, March 2021

This book was shortlisted for the German Book Prize 2021. As the media partner for the Prize, we publish information on all six shortlisted books.

Realizing that he and his wealthy Swiss family are the very worst kind of people, Christian Kracht’s middle-aged narrator embarks on a highly curious road trip through Switzerland with his terminally ill and terminally drunk mother, to try to give away the fortune she has amassed from investing in Swiss armament industry shares.  Eurotrash is a bitter, comical, vertiginous journey into psychosis, a mirror-cabinet of personal and universal reckoning and a narrative tour-de-force of the tenderness and spite meted out by a dying mother and her son. 

Christian Kracht is a Swiss novelist whose work has been translated into thirty languages. His novels include Faserland1979Imperium – which was the recipient of the Wilhelm Raabe literature prize, and one of Publisher’s Weekly ten best books of 2015 – and, most recently, Die Toten, which won the Swiss Book Prize and the Hermann Hesse Award.   He lives in Switzerland.