Freak City
Freak City

kathrin schrocke freak city
January 2010 / 208pp
Children’s & Young Adults’

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Told in the first person by fifteen-year-old Mika with lively spontaneity and disarming humour, Freak City is a sensitive and convincing portrait of teenage life – from the torments experienced by adolescent boys in their obsession with sex to the difficulties of relating to their parents.

Inconsolable after being dumped by his girlfriend, Mika retreats for hours to the solitude of his bedroom. His best mates lure him into town to distract him, where they see an attractive young girl step out into the road without looking, causing a huge lorry to screech to a halt and miss her by a whisker. Soon after, Mika follows his ex to a house called ‘Freak City’, where he overhears her in the bar sniggering about him to her friends. Retreating to another room, he sees the girl who had nearly got run over, playing billiards. Without a word she hands him a cue. An older woman joins them, and starts making hand gestures to the girl, who responds in the same way. Mika realises she is deaf.

Alongside the agonies of teenage emotions in the course of their developing friendship, this captivating book is also a perceptive insight into the isolation experienced by the deaf.

press quotes

‘Kathrin Schrocke tells a deeply touching love story. Most importantly, she has opened up a new world to young people.’– General-Anzeiger

‘An extraordinary love story, told with empathy and wit.’
– Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

about the author

Kathrin Schrocke was born in 1975 in Augsburg. She studied German and psychology in Bamberg. Schrocke has received numerous prizes and nominations for her work including the Nettetaler Youth Book Prize (2010), the nomination for the German Youth Literature Prize (2011) and for the Hansjörg-Martin Prize for the best German Youth Thriller (2010). She lives in Berlin and is the author of numerous stories and plays, as well as novels for children and young adults.

Previous works include:
Dorfprinzessinnen (‘Village Princesses’, 2009)

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The Goethe-Institut supported the English translation of this book.

Get information on the English version here (US).

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