I always want tears and laughter united as one. Revolution Diary 1919
Man möchte immer weinen und lachen in einem. Revolutionstagebuch 1919

klemperer revolutionstagebuch 1919
Aufbau Verlage
June 2015 / 263pp
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A Jewish intellectual who remained in Germany yet survived the Third Reich, Victor Klemperer’s diaries from that era have become international bestsellers. 

These latest diaries record Klemperer’s reactions to earlier seminal events in twentieth-century European history: the German Revolution in Munich in November 1918 and the assassination of the Bavarian Prime Minister, Kurt Eisner, in February 1919. Klemperer reflects upon the passivity of Munich’s middle classes during the revolutionary period and upon the rise of anti-Semitism, with many blaming the Jews for all Germany’s misfortunes. He presents a rich tableau of events, mixing political questions with vivid descriptions of minor incidents, such as his discovery – after the revolution – of a colleague guarding the university with an unsecured gun and having no idea how to use the safety catch. Klemperer’s clear-sighted record offers illuminating insights into a critical historical moment which will be of great interest to an English-language readership as the centenary of the Munich Revolution approaches.

about the author

Victor Klemperer’s diaries from the years 1933 to 1945 posthumously turned him into one of the most important chroniclers of German history. The son of a rabbi, he was born in 1881. He studied Philosophy as well as German Studies, completing his PhD in 1913. After volunteering in the First World War, he moved on to teach in Munich and from 1920 on in Dresden. He was forced to resign from his position in 1935 due to his Jewish heritage and survived the Second World War in a so-called ’Jewish House’, for Jews who had been driven out of their homes. After returning to his profession after the war, Klemperer died in Dresden in 1960.

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The Goethe-Institut supported the English translation of this book.

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