Phil and Sophie’s Little Book of Big Questions
Kleine und große Fragen an die Welt mit Phil und Sophie

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Carlsen Verlag
April 2017 / 96pp
Children’s & Young Adults’

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This is a quirky and memorable work of children’s philosophy, in which the two protagonists – Phil and Sophie – explore ideas about how the world works in a set of thirteen themed investigations. It is an enjoyable, clearly-written book with engaging illustrations, which stands out for its commitment to making philosophy relevant to children’s day-to-day lives.

Best friends Phil and Sophie like to spend time together by a little stream near their houses, and they go there whenever they have anything important to discuss. The questions they ask one another include: ‘Why does anything at all exist?’, ‘How do we recognise beauty?’, ‘What do feelings do to us?’, ‘How do I know that you’re my friend?’, ‘Who will I be when I grow up?’, ‘What is right?’ and ‘What might it be like to be dead?’. Each section opens with a brief introductory consideration of the particular issue, followed by a short account of Sophie and Phil’s conversation. At the end of the book the author provides a context for each of the questions posed in the text, citing famous philosophers where appropriate and offering practical encouragement to children to continue with their thinking.

This is a perfect book for inquisitive children of all ages and those who look after them.

press quotes

Un libro maravilloso que te lleva a reflexionar y a buscar respuestas por cuenta propia.

– Nordbayerischer Kurier

A wonderful book that moves you to reflect and to seek answers yourself.

– Nordbayerischer Kurier

about the author

Ina Schmidt was born in 1973 in Flensburg and studied cultural studies in Lüneburg. While working on a doctorate in philosophy she realised that her principal interest lies in the relationship between philosophy and our everyday life. In 2005 she founded denkraeume, an organisation dedicated to bringing philosophical thought into real life. She writes articles and books, and gives regular talks and presentations. Schmidt lives in Reinbek with her husband, three children and two cats.

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