Funding for books from Germany

Financial support towards the cost of the translation into English is guaranteed if the rights are bought by an English language publisher.

Information about upcoming deadlines and a list of the supporting information needed as part of your application is here.

Your application is reviewed by a committee at the Head Office in Munich, who make a decision on the amount of funding awarded.

You can read more about the Goethe-Institut Translation programme here

If you are interested in publishing a title not featured in New Books in German, please contact your local Goethe-Institut directly. You can find their contact details here:

You can see translation information for the UK and the US at the following links:

Goethe-Institut London –

Goethe-Institut New York –  

Please feel free to get in touch with the people listed below with any queries or for an exploratory conversation. You can contact them in English or German.


Annemarie Goodridge

Information Officer
Goethe-Institut London
Tel: +44 20 7596 4021

 North America

Dean Whiteside

Library & Information Project Manager
Goethe-Institut New York
Tel: +1 212 439 8697

Head office

Andreas Schmohl

Translation Funding Officer
Goethe-Institut Munich
Tel: +49 89 15921-852

English translations supported by the Goethe -Institute

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Books which qualify for Goethe-Institut English translation support

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