The Checksum of Love
Die Quersumme von Liebe

zipe quersumme von liebe
June 2015 / 288pp
Children’s & Young Adults’

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A dark, literary young adult novel, The Checksum of Love is the haunting tale of a teenager who finds her first love as she tries to unravel the mystery of her father’s death. 

Fifteen-year-old Luzie lives with her mother and her half-brother in a town close to the Karwendel mountains. Her father, a painter, died in a mountaineering accident in the Alps when she was five. Her mother is preoccupied with her new boyfriend, leaving Luzie feeling unloved and alone. Desperately looking for stability and predictability in her life, Luzie calculates the totals of dates or random numbers she encounters: even numbers predict a good day and odd numbers a bad day. Luzie is beset by hazy memories of her past but tries to fight the flashbacks. 

Luzie senses that there is more to her father’s death than meets the eye; her mother shuts Luzie’s questions down but she has to know what happened. In the course of her investigations she embarks on a life-changing relationship with her first love and reveals some uncomfortable family truths. The Checksum of Love is a fast-paced, suspenseful narrative which will have readers on the edge of their seats.

press quotes

‘Authentic, thrilling, sensitively observed – and also worth reading for adults.’– Stiftung Lesen

‘A book that tells of the story of inner conflict, bitter truth and love as escape.’– Börsenblatt

about the author

Katrin Zipse is a radio editor and lives in Baden-Baden with her family. She won the renowned Thaddäus-Troll- Prize for her first young adult novel, Glücksdrachenzeit.

Previous works include:
Glücksdrachenzeit (2014)

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