Wanted. Yes. No. Maybe
Wanted. Ja. Nein. Vielleicht

lena hach wanted ja nein vielleicht
February 2014 / 153pp
Children’s & Young Adults’

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The year of ‘Sofinn’ is over: as the summer holidays begin fifteen-year-old Finn is suddenly and unexpectedly dumped by Sofie, his first love. 

Finn’s best friend and wannabe psychologist Moritz tries all number of things to help him get over his heartbreak. When Moritz takes him to see a film, Finn spots a hand-drawn poster which makes him laugh properly for the first time since his break-up with Sofie. The following day at the swimming pool, he spots another of the hand-drawn posters being pinned up by a dark-haired girl. When he tells Moritz, his friend takes it upon himself to track the girl down, pinning up posters of his own that invite the poster-maker to contact Finn. Lara and Finn correspond by text, then arrange to meet up. The pair hit it off immediately, and their friendship grows as they wander together through summertime Berlin. 

Berlin and the teenage experience are central to the book. The characters feel very real and well observed, from Finn’s cringe-worthily right-on social worker mother, to Lara’s reclusive mother bearing the weight of their tragic family secret. Though the book covers heavier topics, such as Lara’s sister’s disappearance and Moritz’s coming-out, its tone remains upbeat through its depiction of the characters’ compassion, empathy and support.

about the author

Lena Hach was born in 1982, and lives and works as a freelance writer in Berlin. She attended a school for clowns, studied literature and creative writing, and works as a journalist. She has been writing literary texts since 2011. You can find out more about her at www.lenahach.de.

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