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An interview with Tanja Paar

Sarah Hemens interviews Austrian author Tanja Paar about publishing her book, The Trembling World, during a pandemic, about the current and historical events that inspired it, and about why English language readers will enjoy the book.

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Mareike Fallwickl: From Literary Blogger to Author (and Back)

Until the publication of her acclaimed debut novel this year, Austrian author Mareike Fallwickl was known primarily for her book blog. Here, fellow blogger Tilman Winterling explores what happens when a blogger who ‘delights in hatchet jobs’ turns to print.

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Combating Cliché: An Interview with Daniel Kehlmann

Daniel Kehlmann is one of the most successful authors writing in German today, with his debut 'Measuring the World' an international bestseller. And humour is central to his writing. He talks to NBG about irony, cliché and the international media's shock at encountering a funny German novel.

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