Swiss German books in English

Translated literature opens our eyes to new ways of thinking. It can expose us to fresh ideas, cultures and perspectives, helping us celebrate our differences and see our shared humanity.

At a time when our movement is often highly restricted, reading literature set in other places is a way of bringing the world to us.

The Swiss Embassy in London is a proud participant in the New Books in German initiative, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year. It selects books suggested by publishers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland ripe for translation into English. They are profiled on the website, with translation costs covered. For authors writing in Switzerland, this support comes from Pro Helvetia.

Below are the books chosen by NBG and translated into English. At the end of the page are Swiss books that we hope will be picked up by English-language publishers and translated. Which have you read? Are your favourites here?

Books by Swiss authors forthcoming in English translation

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Swiss ‘NBG’ Books Available in English

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Books selected by the project yet to be translated

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Author interview: Charles Lewinsky

To read an interview with Swiss author Charles Lewinsky please click here