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What Concerns Us – a novel exploring female identity

What Concerns Us scrutinises gender roles within our society, examining what it means to be a mother and the nature of femininity, as well as how to remain independent in a variety of different types of relationship. New Books in German speaks to the book's author and translator in advance of the publication of this punchy contemporary read in English.

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Revolution for Life

Author Asal Dardan talks to critical theorist and public philosopher Eva von Redecker about Eva's book A Revolution for Life, described by the publisher as '..a new criticism of capitalism - and a declaration of love for human action.'

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An interview with Tanja Paar

Sarah Hemens interviews Austrian author Tanja Paar about publishing her book, The Trembling World, during a pandemic, about the current and historical events that inspired it, and about why English language readers will enjoy the book.

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