Austria: Guest of Honour at the Leipzig Book Fair 2023

A focus on our Austrian jury selections due to Austria's status as Guest of Honour at the Leipzig Book Fair 2023

Open-minded and diverse, progressive and courageously future-oriented, gifted with a sense of humour and the ability to be self-critical. This is how Austria will present itself as the Guest of Honour at the Leipzig Book Fair 2023. A country that upholds the ideals of solidarity and justice. A country that knows how vital it is to strive for democracy every day and the essential role that art and freedom play in this endeavour.

Under the slogan of “meaoiswiamia”, Austrian dialect for “more than we alone”, Austria is using the guest of honour status at the Leipzig Book Fair to illustrate its diverse literary scene for an international audience by presenting well-known authors, new literary voices and high-profile publishers.

New Books in German promotes German-language literature for translation into English. We feature recommendations of the best new titles from Austria – as well as from Germany and Switzerland. Books which we recommend benefit from guaranteed financial support for their translation into English, if the rights are bought by an English-language publisher. 

Great stories and ideas travel and translate well. New Books in German provides trusted, expert, independent recommendations of excellent German-language books that will suit anglophone readers. Twice a year we convene an expert jury to select books submitted to us by German-language publishers. The jury choses books that it not only considers excellent, but also deems appealing to an anglophone readership. Each book below qualifies for guaranteed funding for translation into English, if the rights are bought by an English-language publisher.

Latest releases: hand-picked Austrian books with guaranteed translation funding

In our spring 2023 jury round, nine of the 22 fiction books chosen by the jury were from authors writing in Austria.

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All recent Austrian titles with guaranteed translation funding

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Interviews with, and articles about, Austrian authors and those who translate or work with them

With Austria being celebrated as the guest of honour at the 2023 Leipzig Book Fair, and a slew of recent prize nominations confirming the repute of the country’s writers, what better time could there be to take a closer look at some of the boldest, most exciting voices in contemporary German literature?

Eleanor Updegraff

The Austrian Riveter

Who are Austria’s most riveting writers to read, and what are they writing about?

THE AUSTRIAN RIVETER is the first magazine of contemporary Austrian literature and writing about Austria in English. A unique Austrian-British literary collaboration, brought to you by the European Literature Network and the Austrian Cultural Forum, London, from 18th April 2023 it is available free, in print and online on the website of the European Literature Network.

The beautiful Austrian Riveter Magazine cover is by Lo Cole.

Austria’s literary engagement with its history is moving, revelatory and, you could argue, long overdue. It is also a multi-cultural, multi-lingual country and that comes through in its literature.

Rosie Goldsmith, European Literature Network

Read The Austrian Riveter here or order your paper copy from here.

Buy books from The Austrian Riveter through the European Literature Network’s The Austrian Riveter page.

Photo: Rosie Goldsmith launches the Austrian Riveter at the British Library in April 2023, with authors Kaśka Bryla, Daniel Kehlmann and Doron Rabinovici. Photo @ Austrian Cultural Forum