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Me Too

'In literature, everything can be said; literature isn’t about taking a stand or imposing your opinion upon the reader. It’s about telling a story and using that story – if it’s told well – to have an impact on the reader, to inspire and galvanise them.’ Lina Muzur, editor of a startling new volume of short stories by female authors, talks to NBG.

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Literary Blogging in Germany: From Fringe to Centre-Stage

If you want to know how important literary blogs have become for the German publishing sector, just look at this year’s German Book Prize: for the first time, there is a blogger among the seven jury members. The presence of Uwe Kalkowski, who made a name for himself with his ‘Kaffeehaussitzer’ site, is just one of many signs that bloggers are now established forces within German publishing.

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From Literary Blogger to Author (and Back)

Until the publication of her acclaimed debut novel this year, Austrian author Mareike Fallwickl was known primarily for her book blog. Here, fellow blogger Tilman Winterling explores what happens when a blogger who ‘delights in hatchet jobs’ turns to print.

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